App developers often look for ways to reach as many users as possible. Apple Search Ads is a popular solution.

It’s an Apple platform that was launched in 2016 and it is a very simple and effective way to help people discover your app. In this article we look at the advantages and disadvantages of ASA.

Meet with Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is an advertising channel that you will appreciate especially for its simplicity and affordability.

Get new mobile users or reconnect with old ones. ASA does not interfere with ad creation, but you need to create reports and select keywords that you should enter in exact or broad match — just like Google Ads but there is no phrase match. Also keep in mind the negative keywords.

How much does ASA really cost?

Apple Search Ads works on auction, which means that you only pay for what your closest competitor is willing to pay, but not more than the maximum you specified when creating your campaign. This well-designed mechanism ensures that you don’t overpay.

For example: If you bid 3$ and your competitor bids 2$ then you win and end up paying 2$ + 1 cent

If bid size was the only key, search ads would turn into a battlefield offering prices.

That’s why Apple requires the app to be relevant to the user’s query. The right combination of relevance and bid helps your app reach your top ad space.

wisee app agency search ads

Is there a better place to be on top when looking for an app?

SEARCH MATCH lets you know when and to whom Apple will show your ad without having to enter your own keywords. However, be sure to leave nothing to chance, over time it’s a good idea to check it out and exclude inappropriate words or create a new custom report with keywords added.

Apple Search Ads account structure

Different account structures are customized according to user needs. Why do you need to build the right account structure?

Firstly, it ensures that your ad group will be profitable.

Secondly, it helps you spread your keywords in an appropriate way.

Finally, at least the right account structure has the ability to optimize your spend and set aside campaigns.

Our tip:

If you’re starting from scratch, consider Apple’s recommended structure to begin with. This is a combination of elements for better reporting and bid management:

1 Brand: The keywords that contain the app and the company name let you reach the right users.

2 Generic / Unbranded: Topic-based keywords and descriptive terms for your app are also helpful in reaching new users, and raise awareness of your brand.

3 Competitors: Easily attract new users with keywords that are relevant to your main competition.

4 Discovery: Search campaigns are used to find new relevant keywords using enhanced keywords and search.

Choose the solution that fits your needs

Basic Search Ads

Set your goals and Apple Search Ads Basic will take care of everything. This BASIC platform is automated to help you maximize your results. You only pay for what you choose in the budget you set — up to $ 10,000 per app per month. With minimal reporting, you can monitor performance with a quick report.

wisee app agency search ads basic

Advanced Search Ads

With Apple Search Ads at ADVANCED level, you can manage your own campaigns. You choose your keywords and audience, set your own bid and budget, and pay only when a user clicks on your ad. You’ll appreciate detailed reports so you can track your progressive goals at any time. In addition, Advanced offers a detailed overview of the period in a graphical view.

wisee app agency advanced search ads

Show your app to the right people. Apple Advanced ads give you control over your campaign, as well as the audience that sees your ads.

Reach users at the right time to find your app.

70% of App Store visitors use “search” to find apps.

65% This number belongs to downloads that occur immediately after searching the App Store.

50% Apple Search Ads average conversion rate.

(statistics source:

A little bit more of statistics after our experience:

Over 50% of downloads are from TOP 3.

A good keyword in a title is 10% more in ranking.

3–4 stars can increase conversions for more than 500%.

93% of users focus on visuals.

Video banner may increase rates for more than 23%.

ASO — Apple Search Optimization is also a very important thing I will talk about in the next article.

Thank you for reading and I hope it helped you a little. 🙂